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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause
 * Copyright(c) 2001-2021 Intel Corporation


#include "iavf_type.h"
#include "iavf_alloc.h"
#include "virtchnl.h"

/* Prototypes for shared code functions that are not in
 * the standard function pointer structures.  These are
 * mostly because they are needed even before the init
 * has happened and will assist in the early SW and FW
 * setup.

/* adminq functions */
enum iavf_status iavf_init_adminq(struct iavf_hw *hw);
enum iavf_status iavf_shutdown_adminq(struct iavf_hw *hw);
enum iavf_status iavf_init_asq(struct iavf_hw *hw);
enum iavf_status iavf_init_arq(struct iavf_hw *hw);
enum iavf_status iavf_alloc_adminq_asq_ring(struct iavf_hw *hw);
enum iavf_status iavf_alloc_adminq_arq_ring(struct iavf_hw *hw);
enum iavf_status iavf_shutdown_asq(struct iavf_hw *hw);
enum iavf_status iavf_shutdown_arq(struct iavf_hw *hw);
u16 iavf_clean_asq(struct iavf_hw *hw);
void iavf_free_adminq_asq(struct iavf_hw *hw);
void iavf_free_adminq_arq(struct iavf_hw *hw);
enum iavf_status iavf_validate_mac_addr(u8 *mac_addr);
void iavf_adminq_init_ring_data(struct iavf_hw *hw);
enum iavf_status iavf_clean_arq_element(struct iavf_hw *hw,
					struct iavf_arq_event_info *e,
					u16 *events_pending);
enum iavf_status iavf_asq_send_command(struct iavf_hw *hw,
				struct iavf_aq_desc *desc,
				void *buff, /* can be NULL */
				u16  buff_size,
				struct iavf_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
bool iavf_asq_done(struct iavf_hw *hw);

/* debug function for adminq */
void iavf_debug_aq(struct iavf_hw *hw, enum iavf_debug_mask mask,
		   void *desc, void *buffer, u16 buf_len);

void iavf_idle_aq(struct iavf_hw *hw);
bool iavf_check_asq_alive(struct iavf_hw *hw);
enum iavf_status iavf_aq_queue_shutdown(struct iavf_hw *hw, bool unloading);

enum iavf_status iavf_aq_get_rss_lut(struct iavf_hw *hw, u16 seid,
				     bool pf_lut, u8 *lut, u16 lut_size);
enum iavf_status iavf_aq_set_rss_lut(struct iavf_hw *hw, u16 seid,
				     bool pf_lut, u8 *lut, u16 lut_size);
enum iavf_status iavf_aq_get_rss_key(struct iavf_hw *hw,
				     u16 seid,
				     struct iavf_aqc_get_set_rss_key_data *key);
enum iavf_status iavf_aq_set_rss_key(struct iavf_hw *hw,
				     u16 seid,
				     struct iavf_aqc_get_set_rss_key_data *key);
const char *iavf_aq_str(struct iavf_hw *hw, enum iavf_admin_queue_err aq_err);
const char *iavf_stat_str(struct iavf_hw *hw, enum iavf_status stat_err);

enum iavf_status iavf_set_mac_type(struct iavf_hw *hw);

extern struct iavf_rx_ptype_decoded iavf_ptype_lookup[];

STATIC INLINE struct iavf_rx_ptype_decoded decode_rx_desc_ptype(u8 ptype)
	return iavf_ptype_lookup[ptype];

/* prototype for functions used for SW spinlocks */
void iavf_init_spinlock(struct iavf_spinlock *sp);
void iavf_acquire_spinlock(struct iavf_spinlock *sp);
void iavf_release_spinlock(struct iavf_spinlock *sp);
void iavf_destroy_spinlock(struct iavf_spinlock *sp);

void iavf_vf_parse_hw_config(struct iavf_hw *hw,
			     struct virtchnl_vf_resource *msg);
enum iavf_status iavf_vf_reset(struct iavf_hw *hw);
enum iavf_status iavf_aq_send_msg_to_pf(struct iavf_hw *hw,
				enum virtchnl_ops v_opcode,
				enum iavf_status v_retval,
				u8 *msg, u16 msglen,
				struct iavf_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
enum iavf_status iavf_aq_debug_dump(struct iavf_hw *hw, u8 cluster_id,
				    u8 table_id, u32 start_index, u16 buff_size,
				    void *buff, u16 *ret_buff_size,
				    u8 *ret_next_table, u32 *ret_next_index,
				    struct iavf_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
enum iavf_status iavf_aq_clear_all_wol_filters(struct iavf_hw *hw,
			struct iavf_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
#endif /* _IAVF_PROTOTYPE_H_ */